Text: Jer. 17:13.

O LORD, the hope of Israel, all that forsake thee shall be ashamed, and they that depart from me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken the LORD, the fountain of living waters.

If you carefully study the history of the Jews otherwise known as Israel you will see that they solidly put their trust in only one God called Jehovah.
When things get bad they have hope in God of Israel.
When the enemies came against them they clinged to the fact that they know Jehovah.
They have the belief that they are greater and better than other nations of the world. Deut. 28:1
When the nations of Israel disintegrated they knew that God will bring it back again.

What is Hope?
1. Hope can be defined as something someone wants to happen and one believes that it is likely or possible to happen.
If you have hope it means that  you have something that you wants to happen

2. Hope may also be defined as the only way out of certain problem. For example one can say that the only hope for Africa is to develop her agriculture.
If you have this kind of hope that you are seeking for a way out it means that you have hope

3. Hope is a desire or expectations that thing will be alright in the future. We can say students who wrote Jamb last year still hope that the cut off mark will be reviewed.
Those who are expecting have hope that things will surely come out well for them.

4. Hope can also be defined as a trust put in something or somebody. If you put your trust in God to do something for you then He has become your hope.
If you believe in Jesus as your helper then he has become your hope.

Today we are discussing on the topic that says:
Why do we need to talk about hope at this time around?
1. We have been disappointed by the government. Things are no longer easy as it used to be.
2. We have been disappointed by the people we so much trusted.
3. We have been disappointed by what we put our trust in.
4. We have been disappointed by our calculations. Some have thought that by this time around this and that would have happened but it has failed.

Is there any solution to a lost hope?
We want you to rekindle your hope just like David did when almost everything had failed him.
Ps. 42:5-11. Disappointment can cause blasphemy
Prov. 13:12. Disappointment can cause sickness

You might be here today thinking that there is nothing else good that will happen to you. You are wrong because all hope is not lost .
Ecc. 9:4 . there is hope for the living.

Examples of people who regained hope.
1. Abraham lost hope but God restored it to him.
2. Isaac lost hope of ever seeing Joseph again but God restored it to him. His son was lost as boy he was restored him as a Prince of Egypt.
3. Jabez lost hope of ever making it again but God made him honourable than his brethren. 1 Ch. 4:9.
4. Who would have have thought that Hannah will give suck to Children, when her detractor was already rejoicing over her? But she did not just have a child but six, and one of them became a great prophets in Israel. 1 Sam. 1:20.
5. When a strange sickness and loses came upon Job he and his friends thought it was over for him but God restored and double all that he lost. Job. 6:11; job. 42:12-13.
6. Who could have thought that the missing axe head would be recovered when it fell into the river, but it was recovered. 2 Kgs. 6:
7. Who would have thought that a woman who lost her only child would meet Jesus on the way to burial. Jesus raised up that child. Lk. 7:11-15.

How can we recover a lost hope?

1. Encourage yourself in the Lord. Ps.31:24; 1 Sam. 30:6

2. Make a bold statement.
The prodigal son did. Lk. 15:17-19.
Job did. Job. 19:25
Esther did. Est. 4:16.

3. Take a step of faith.
The woman with the issue of blood did. Matt. 9:20-22.
Peter did. Lk. 5:5-6.
Four friends did for their friends. Mk. 2.4-5.

4. Make a vow to God
Jacob did. Gen. 28: 20-22
Hannah did. 1Sam. 1:9-17.

5. Pray a little more than Usual.
Jabez prayed. 1 Ch. 4:10.
Elijah prayed. 1 Kgs. 18: 38-41.

6. Start again what you have been doing for God in hoping for his blessings.  Ps. 84:11-12.

7. Return back to God. Job. 8:13
If you are not with the Hope of Israel how do you expect your hope to come true?
Jer. 17:13.

1. Jer. 17:14-17.
O God heal me and I shall be healed.
Persecute everyone that is a terror to my soul.

2. Ps.33:18-19.
O God deliver my soul from death
O God deliver my soul from famine

3. Ps. 33:20.
O God let it happen to me according to my hope in you.

4. Lord count me among those who will be blessed in time of famine.

Thanks and God bless you.

Abiodun Adeniyi

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