Surprisingly, it is also possible to murder some things owned by man and not the man himself. And in some cases, it could lead to the death of the owner. It is possible to kill somebody’s joy by removing the source of that joy. People’s source of joy could be their children, home, cars or relationships. The devil and his agents, that is, all who take joy in sad faces, do steal that very source of joy. That is why the Bible describes Satan as a thief. If you are doing something indirectly and it eventually leads to the death of a person or what belongs to him you are a remote killer.

“But the thief cometh not but to kill and to steal and to destroy, but I am come that they might have life and that they might have it abundantly”. John.10:10.

Joy, peace, health and prosperity could be killed by Satan and his co-murderers. Satan visited the Shunammite woman and killed her only son knowing full well that the son was a source of joy to the woman. 2 Kings.4:32.

Satan can kill one’s peace and prosperity just as he did to Job and his household. [Job1:13-21]. Just as God uses men to achieve His purpose, the devil acts the same way. He uses men to bring sorrow into joyous homes, poverty into booming businesses and sickness into a healthy soul. Whoever those agents are, they are murderers. It was because of such remote murderers that King David said:

“Thou wilt shew me the path of life in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for ever more”. Psalms.16:11.

There are things that Satan cannot kill: he cannot kill that joy, peace, prosperity that are derived from God. Let God be your source because Satan cannot kill God. As long as God is alive, your joy, peace and prosperity will be permanent.

The words of our mouth, not seasoned with grace could also murder anything. It is possible for an unregenerate tongue to cause confusion or speak retardation to progress. Many people look at their children and say awful things about them. As the children grow up, these negative pronouncements become manifest in their behaviour. The Psalmist prayed to God saying:

“So let the word of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight”. Psalms.

I wonder how many of us can pray that prayer. The mouth that is used in prayer to God should not be the same mouth for saying negative things about ours and others situation. The Bible says concerning the tongue:

“There-with bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so be”. Jam.3:8-9.


When God says thou shall not kill He was talking to all men but then, He allows some men to kill, so far as the killing is done according to the rule. The armed forces and the police organizations of every country of the world are agents of God (though the devil uses them too) to reduce the aggression of man towards man. One of the reasons why my country has not been invaded by an external aggression force is the presence of the armed institutions. I know this could be very difficult to accept, it is the truth. Our God Himself is the Lord of Host. In the Bible He told Moses to organize an army. In the book of Psalms, it was asked:

“Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle: who is this king of glory? The Lord of Host, He is the King of glory”.


The whole structure in heaven is militarily based. We have angel Michael who represents the chief of the defence staff and other angels as soldier combatants. These soldier angels are extremely powerful and agile. Only one of them with bare hands can kill as much as 185,000 human soldiers per night. [2 kings.19:35].

John the Baptist certainly knew God’s mind on the importance of armed forces, when during one of his preaching and counselling, some soldiers came to him wanting to know what to do to be saved. One would have expected him to tell them to go and seek for another profession but instead, he told them:

“Don’t exhort money and don’t accuse falsely, be content with your pay”. Luke.3:14 (NIV).

Therefore, the door of heaven is opened to any soldier who repents like every other man. And for every man they have killed, God will judge them on the basis of what John the Baptist told these soldiers. The motive for such killings will be identified by God who knows every man’s heart. But the blood of the slain will be required of political leaders who chose the path of war rather than peace. They will account for the blood of every man killed by their soldiers. Also, the commander of troops will give account of killings done in order to plunder and loot civilians’ property.

That poem at the beginning of this chapter tells us not to be cruel against innocent and timid creatures but it did not add that there are some harmful ants, animals and insects. At the higher level of education, we learnt that tsetse fly, mosquitoes, termites and snake are dangerous and deserve to die. Even though we don’t have to start searching for one to kill, they deserve death whenever they come to do us any harm.

Equally, man could kill man in self-defence. When armed robbers besiege our house attempting to kill us and loot our property, we have every right to defend ourselves. God knows that we don’t take joy in killing but if it has to be done to save our lives, he will not count it against us. The Lord Jesus says that if the landlord had known when the thief would come, he would not have allowed his house to be broken up. At least he would defend his house, family and properties from plunder. Having known this fact, it is our duty not to allow ourselves to be killed but to incapacitate the intruder and if he refuses to be incapacitated kill him in the process if necessary.

However, this liberty does not include lynching suspected robbers on the street. It is highly sinful for us to participate in killing of somebody already incapacitated, or a pick pocket that is probably mentally deranged as a result of drug addiction. God frowns at jungle justice. An already incapacitated robber should be handed over to the police.

Another exemption to the rule is accidental killing known as manslaughter. Man could kill another man accidentally, like in most of automobile accident or accidental discharge from a gun. God had foreknown this and that was the reason He asked Moses to create six cities of refuge for anyone who accidentally killed another man, that he may be saved. Jos. 20:1-9.


            Some men have sold themselves to Satan to the extent that they can turn themselves into harmful animals terrorizing people in dreams and during the day. If you see any of such around you, you have the right to kill him by the sword of the spirit – the word of God. It was Jesus our captain who ordered such killing. [Luke10:19].



             I think one of the reasons why God does not want man to kill his fellow man is that He himself is the only righteous judge who knows exactly how to punish any offender or anyone who has hurt the feelings of another. Jesus told us not to judge so that we might not be judge. Without this law, there would have been a great confusion and anyone and everybody would think that he has power to punish his fellow man.

Secondly, murder is the quickest way of sending people to hell. God himself is patient with the unrighteous, so that he can repent from his wicked ways. No matter how grievous our sins are, God is ready to forgive us even though the law courts might not. Remember the thief on the cross who met Jesus Christ at the last minute of his life and was pardoned. Hell is waiting for all unrepentant sinners who die in their sin.

For example in 19… there was a man called Baiyewun who killed the popular Apala band leader, Ayinla Omowura in Nigeria. He was arrested by the police and condemned to death. But while waiting for the hanging day, he became a Christian at the Abeokuta prison fellowship. Through this, he was able to reach out to his fellow prisoners and one of them happens to be a politician who gave this testimony in Abuja during a crusade. This politician is now genuinely born again, he and his household.

If Bayewun had been lynched, he would have ended up in hell. On the day, as he and others were being led to the gallows, this politician convert heard him singing this song  in Yoruba dialect:

Ma ba lo o, Ile ologo                           I will go with Him, to the home of glory

Ma ba lo o, Ile alayo                           I will go with Him, to the home of joy

Bi araiye ko mi                                    If the world condemns me,

Ma ba Jesu re le ogo                         I will go with Jesus to the home of glory



Thanks and God bless you.

Abiodun Adeniyi